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Kõiguste field station

Location:   Välibaasi, Kõiguste Village, Saaremaa Parish, 94421 Saaremaa, Estonia

Coordinates:   58°22’23.5”; 22°58’56.3”

Work/accommodation places:   20/31


Located on the island of Saaremaa, the Kõiguste marine field station is the largest research station complex of the Estonian Marine Institute, where various scientific and experimental research can be carried out both in the laboratory, in mesocosms, and in situ. Kõiguste is an important marine station for the institute's researchers when conducting field work in the waters around Saaremaa.

Seminars, studies, and field courses related to marine science can be carried out at the Kõiguste field station.


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Pärnu Department

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Department of Marine Systems