The biggest marine organisation in Estonia

The Estonian Marine Institute is a modern research institution that contributes to research in several marine study fields. Our research ranges from sea water physics to biology, from microscopic scale to full ecosystems, having unique expert opinions and qualifications in most Marine research fields.

Research activities

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Our research activity is supported by field stations and laboratories with different expertise

The research work of the Estonian Marine Institute is supported by our various chemistry and biology laboratories located all over Estonia, as well as marine field stations where researchers can carry out scientific research and innovative experiments. We have the necessary inventory and know-how to carry out laboratory analyses that meet international requirements, also we can perform big data analysis, and create digital solutions, web-based decision support, etc.

Field stations


Estonian Marine Institute

Since 1992, Estonian Marine Institute primarily focuses on the research of the ecosystem and functioning of Baltic Sea, evaluation and prognoses of the marine organisms and environment. It also concentrates to protect the biological diversity of marine life in different ways in Baltic Sea. Estonian Marine Institute co-operates with several international organisations (ICES, HELCOM, etc).

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