Eesti Mereinstituut

Research in Estonian Marine Institute

The sea and the related activities, including shipping, fishing, tourism, and the energy sector, play a very important role in the Estonian economy as a whole, also in regional development and culture. The Estonian Maritime Institute of the University of Tartu offers scientific knowledge about the sustainable use of the Baltic Sea and contributes to the spatial planning of marine areas.

The broad spectrum of the research field of the UT Estonian Marine Institute covers topics from marine physics to biology and optics, having unique scientific qualifications for Estonia in most fields.

Main research topics

  • Interactions between environment and biota
  • Blue economy and aquaculture
  • Spatial planning of marine areas
  • Spatial modeling
  • Optical remote sensing
  • Ocean acidification
  • Alien species in the Baltic Sea
  • Marine monitoring
  • Marine litter


A detailed list of projects can be found in the Estonian Research Information System ETIS.

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All publications of Estonian Marine Institute can be found in the Estonian Research Information System ETIS.

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